Pitching the idea for the Purplepink video to the band, I was extremely worried that they would think I was insane. It sounded good in my head, but when I put my little pitch deck together, 3D animated rocketships, warrior spacequeens, mythical guitar goddesses and faceless furry creatures suddenly seemed a bit ...over the top?
What I wasn't prepared for, though, was how into it and how on top of it the band would be, and how much I would luck out with a crew bringing so much love and dedication to this project. We shot on location Upstate with our talent withstanding freezing cold temperatures, willing to throw themselves onto the wet ground at 2am and we built spaceship interiors out of mid-century furniture at ACME Brooklyn, complete with a back-projection navigation console.
Kalbells: Kalmia Traver, Angelica Bess, Zoë Brecher, Sarah Pedinotti
Guitar Goddess: Maddie Rice
DP: Sara Laufer
Asst. Camera: Katie Sadler
Gaffer: Jenny Chan
3D Spaceship design and animation: Christof G. Dertschei
Styling: Ereka Duncan
Additional styling (Guitar Goddess): Shameem Jamil
Produced by: Kalbells / Yellow TV
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